animatedsuperchick19: Hello :) I was just wondering if you knew the story of the all purpose rabbit? I can find Gloomy bear's, but not APR's. If it's not too much trouble, could you fill me in?


I found some of APR’s background on taito’s website

It says that All Purpose Rabbit is the “most useful rabbit in the world.” It was created by a gene manipulation experiment.
(Not sure if this next part is right, lots of words I don’t know) it’s supposed to eat a diet of 10 carrots but in the case that it eats a lot and gets pain you can give it ginseng tea and it will get better..(??? Am I just a horrible translator or is this bio rly weird)
It loves “carrot berries” (Made from gene recombination, a hybrid vegetable that has the nutrition of a carrot but deliciousness of a strawberry) but carrot berries are limited to a small proportion of rich people presently

Haha and yeah that’s all I could find on APR :)